You’ll never forget the first day of college. It can be quite intimidating as everything seems new and unfamiliar. Once you set foot on campus for the first time, you have to be prepared for the scale of work load, the seemingly imposing teachers and upperclassmen, and the co-ed-ness of the environment (if you came from an exclusive high school).

But wait! It shouldn’t be. All you need is some confidence, a friendly smile on your face, and some of these simple tips that’ll make you say “I got this!” on your first day.


Finally! Embrace the freedom of expression! No more school uniform. You can wear (almost) anything you want. The next four years or so will be your personal experiment in style, provided you fit the dress code. Have fun with it. Just keep your inner censors alert—if you feel like that skirt is too short or that shirt sleeve is creased too tightly into your armpit (a la Derek Ramsey), it probably is.


It’s exacly like your junior / senior prom. Shoes do matter, believe it or not. You don’t want to be the guy sitting next to your college crush with your legs crossed as she spies a piece of chewing gum on the sole. Eeew!


Take it from the experts: the best way to save your weekly allowance is to eat food cooked from home. You will definitely get to save more every week, even enough for a rewarding Friday movie date with your friends.


Before those Instagram and Facebook YOLO moments, “battle scars”—like  a good beach tan—were worn with pride to school to show off that they did something fairly epic during the summer break. Your paragliding or surfing experiences are great conversation starters with  your new classmates.


Make a good first impression: the person seated at your back actually spends a good few minutes staring at your hair. Don’t make people describe you as the permanently confused-looking person who walks around with dishevelled hair. Because, well, you end up becoming “that guy” everyone talks about in the hallway.


Girls, just put enough makeup to make you look polished, fresh and still look like yourself. Too much can make you look old, tired and out of place. Guys, don’t put on make up….Unless you joined the theater org.


Be prepared for form-filling, about-yourself essays and even an actual lesson on your first day.

Pro tip: bring 3in x 5in index cards and 1in x 1in ID photos to your first day of college. You’ll need it for attendance and identification (when your prof has that many students).


Most of all, start the new school year right: be positive, be cool and clean on your first day.

8List Editor

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