8. Plum makeup
Wine-stained lips and deep, dark purple puckers aren’t just for the goths. Try it on your lids by sweeping a light shade of purple for a daytime look. Mix plum eyeshadow with gunmetal, gold, forest green, or silver for a smokey night-out look. For lips, make sure you use a highly pigmented lipstick and smudge-free application technique. Don’t forget makeup’s basic rule of thumb for dark makeup: eyes only or lips only, never both!
7. Jeweled nails
For nail art, opulence is the word this season. Start with any solid-colored polish and frost it with rhinestones, jeweled appliqués or a coating of sparkling lacquer. When in doubt, just buy stick-on nail art or head to your trusty nail salon.
6. Ombre lips
You’ve seen girls sport ombre hair and ombre nails. Now try it on your lips. Two-toned lips started making waves last summer, but now it’s evolved to darker colors. Not just for artistic purposes, ombre lips actually add definition to your mouth. Using a lip brush, apply a dark lipstick shade along your lip line and blend towards the center. Then brush a lighter or paler color (preferably in the same color family) into the middle of the top and bottom of your lips. Gently blend the lighter shape outwards. Gloss is optional.
5. The glamorized cat eye.
Update this ’60s-inspired look by mixing it with smokey or sparkly eyeshadow colors such as emerald green, plum, and gunmetal. Just make sure the cat eye flick stands out in thickness or length.
4. Edgy ’90s crop
Since Doc Marten boots, baby doll dresses, and sunflower prints have resurrected, why not go all the way with a ’90s ‘do? Get punk inspiration from Winona Ryder’s pixie cut, Sinead O’ Connor’s nearly shaved head, and other rebellious crops that defined Alicia Silverstone’s teen generation. Just modernize it the way Miley Cyrus and Rihanna did.
3. Vintage glam
Not so fond of the ’90s? Then go way back in time to channel beauty icons from decades past. Flaunt your big, long locks with disco makeup a la Farrah Fawcett in the ’70s. Go for smudge-proof ruby red lips a la Marilyn Monroe in the ’50s. And since people are still reeling over The Great Gastby remake, channel your inner flapper with vampy lips and smokey eyes.
2. Nude
Also known as the “no makeup” look, nude makeup is actually hard work because you need to cover your bases well. Primp with a primer or BB cream and natural foundation. Conceal facial scars and blemishes evenly before applying just a hint of natural eyeshadow, a coat of mascara, and petal-stained or nude lippie.
1. Statement falsies
Don’t be intimidated by costume-y false eyelashes. For many, it’s actually the best way to spruce up your look. With a set of mesmerizing falsies, who needs loud lipstick and eyeshadow? For rookies, check out YouTube for lots of free tutorials to help you master gluing them to your eyelids.


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A former full-time magazine and newspaper editor, Kate now juggles a career in writing, modeling and acting. She is also an advocate of animal rights and mental health awareness. Check out her blogs, Kate Was Here and Retro Prints, as well as her beauty articles in BDJ Box.


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