ou’ll never know until you try. This season, why not take a leap of faith and get the look that you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s styling your hair into a Mohawk or finally trying that slicked-down bob or even getting a full cut-and-color, it’s about time to liberate yourself and your hair. Forget what other people have to say, all that matters is you’re happy with it and it looks good on you.

It’s time to get rid of that ordinary look and transform into a new you. After all, the world is your catwalk.

Remember when Bianca Gonzalez, who always had that long black hair, all of a sudden decided to get a bad ass chick-next-door, gorgeous bob cut?  Everyone went bonkers when she posted her new sassooned look on Instagram. Tons of responses poured in expressing their love for her new look. The best part? Nobody saw it coming.

Bob cuts are becoming a trend again this season. Give yourself a bob cut in your favorite salon. For the hair colors, you can try slices of magenta and purple, and then you’re all set! Since colored hair requires additional care to maintain, you may use the Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care line with Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment to have more vibrant color and enhance shine.


We are now at a time when people are becoming more experimental with their hair. Some believe the brighter, the better. Some people are more willing to give their hair a different kind of twist by splashing some bright colored streaks here and there.

Here’s Jake Galvez, celebrity makeup artist, showing us how to work that bright colored do! Give yourself that trendy blonde hair and color part of your fringes in amethyst. You’ll be ready to own the runway.


Fashion designer Sassa Jimenez once confessed that she has never had her hair colored. It was Vidal Sassoon that made her let go of her black hair and she has never been happier with her new sassooned look. Since then she’s been screaming #GetSassooned to everyone. One way to ensure that your hair is summer ready is by getting a layered cut and coloring it bleach blonde.


If you like it neat, classy but still standout material, you can never go wrong with platinum blonde. Young up and coming celebrity stylist Miguel Urbina Tan proudly went platinum blonde when he got sassooned.

Going back to the basics will never fail you. As Da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”


From the typical short hair for male, fashion designers John and Paul Herrera up the ante by getting this semi-Mohawk with a twist.

Semi-Mohawk is probably the most popular hairstyle nowadays for men. Not only does it give men instant spunk but it’s the kind of cut that fits all settings and occasions too.


If runway designers have yards of clothes to experiment with, hairdressers have hair. If you’re the type who loves to take everything to the next level, this edgier than edgy bob cut will be perfect for you. This bob cut is asymmetric with one side way longer than the other compared to the usual bob cuts we all know of. Complete the look by adding streaks of purple!


Are you the type who wants a new edgy cut without your hair screaming “wild?” Try this type of layered cut. This look is a toned down version of the layered hair we’re all familiar with. The layered part is centered on the front part of your hair. Cap off the look with unique fringes where one side is asymmetrical and the other side is a really short choppy bangs.


This look is tricky, but if you get to wear it out loud and proud, then props to you. To achieve the look, ask your hairdresser to give you a mid-length bob cut with asymmetrical bangs. Color your hair in auburn and highlight the tips of your asymmetrical bangs’ in evergreen. Complete the look by giving your hair large locks. After that, you are ready to go. This type of hair requires curling which if done frequently can damage your hair that is why it’s important to use hair products specifically for colored hair.


Which style is your favorite? Are you ready to #GetSassooned? Post your thoughts in the Comments Section.

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