We know many of you are caught up in the romance frenzy. So before anything weird happens, and it’s not because we’re jaded or anything, here are some of many myths about love and dating that we’d like to clear up.


Don’t worry if the butterflies in your stomach have left you after two years. Here’s a fact: it’s natural for the kilig hormones released in your body to wear off some time after the attraction stage. Falling in love may not be your decision, but staying in love is.


Not all famous movie lines make sense and this is one of them. Please, if you feel handicapped without a lover, it’s probably time to ask yourself if you’re just too needy or lazy to live on your own.


The key to feeling the high of being in love is eating chocolate, or doing intense physical activities such as skydiving or free-diving in shark-infested waters. The chemical responsible for the feeling of being in love, phenylethylamine or PEA, can be found in those, not necessarily (or exclusively) from romance.


Only 4% of arranged marriages end up in divorce whereas an astounding 40% do for love marriages. Surprise, surprise! Perhaps it’s support of family and relatives or maybe, just maybe, they just eventually learn to genuinely love each other (cue Donna Cruz song).


Unless you’re Siamese twins, there is no need for the two of you to be together all the time. That does not make for a healthy relationship. In fact, it’s kind of creepy and juvenile, if you ask us. If there’s too much familiarity, what is there to learn about each other?


OTL. Is that even real or is it a just concept made by obnoxious people who want others to be jealous because they ended up with their first loves? Think about it: The world is occupied by billions of people. There are thousands of unexplored options.


Your partner pronounces tomato differently and it’s kinda cute. However, for lasting attraction, scientists believe that you should go look for a partner who is not significantly different in the looks and financial departments. Opposites don’t necessarily attract. We’re people who get tempted and jealous, not magnets stuck on the fridge.


Errr... No. You can’t simply Kamehameha wave your troubles away with the intensity of your combined emotions. Your life as a couple or your life as parents needs more than just raw inspiration to sail smoothly through difficult times. Until love can be converted into cash to pay for the groceries and the kids’ tuition, we discourage you from believing this myth.

What do you think of these myths? Let's discuss in the Comments Section.

Kring Elenzano

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