inoys are very resourceful. Here are 8 samples of creative and useful things you can get for one hundred and ninety nine pesos.




Sadly, has closed shop. Where do you go now? WordPress!!! Get setup for… you guessed it, one hundred and ninety nine pesos only. Visit Store >


7b 7c

If you’re tired of that selfie you have on all your social media sites, your very own caricature only costs just a little more than a Whopper meal. Visit Store >



Do you need an impressive “sampol” for your company’s monthly talent show? Or, maybe a wedding dance? Or, just your very own viral video? Let a pro help you. Visit Store >


5b 5c

A resume that cuts the competition costs no more than 199 pesos. Infographics are all the rage these days. Give your job application the edge it needs. Visit Store >



4b 4c

Get a personal travel consultant for 199 pesos. You will get a customized itinerary that matches your budget. An unlimited emergency call-a-friend costs just 199 pesos in case you get lost. Visit Store >


3b 3c

Sad? Feeling a bit lonely? Or, just in need of fresh pair of ears to listen to your rants and raves? Hire a chat mate for 24 hours. Visit Store >



2b 2c

Want to enjoy a weekend road trip without driving? This guy will drive your car anywhere for 199 pesos an hour. You pay for everything else including his meals. Visit Store >


1b 1c

Get a Facebook boyfriend for a week. He will change his relationship status and link it to yours. Sweet messages on your wall will cost you another 199 pesos. He will also marry you for another 199 pesos. Get on the waitlist now. Visit Store >


Gamemaster Ari

Ari Bancale is a scientist at heart, an artist in mind, a beach bum online, and a gamer in theory. He loves food, the great outdoors, and most especially, food in the great outdoors. He dreams of making the Philippines more fun by building the biggest Filipino brand of awesome games.


Ari has 8 pairs of shoes, joined 7 university organizations, sleeps 6 hours a day, speaks 5 languages, trained in 4 martial arts, holds 3 academic degrees, can juggle 2 balls in one hand. And, he is still looking for the 1 he can call his significant other.


He's @gamemasterARI on Twitter and gamemaster2.0 on Facebook.

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