About three weeks ago, we asked 8List readers what their favorite iced tea is. Here are the results:
8. Free Aircon

The 24/7 sauna in the hot summer months in the Philippines will make you appreciate the cold. In Canada, there is no need to crank up your A/C or even use it. The cold air is enjoyed by everyone for free, all you need to do is step outside.

Trina Sotto

At 5 feet 1 and a half inches tall, Trina Yap-Sotto has the appetite of a horse. She eats anything and everything, and has an obsession with peanut butter and green tea. She does not believe in dieting, save for the “donut diet,” a diet she made up herself wherein she eats all the donuts she wants until she feels full. Trina does marketing for a broadcast company from Mondays to Fridays. During her spare time, she enjoys jogging, practicing yoga, and playing football. After the gun ban, you’ll find her at the shooting range letting off steam.

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