Mother’s Day is that one day of the year that you treat your mother like a queen for bringing you out into this world, and you forgot? Shame on you! Only time can heal this wound but you can try and soothe her tampo by giving her one of these gifts.

8. Custom tea blend

Get swanky with tea and have TWG Tea Salon and Boutique make your mom the exact blend of flavors she wants.

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7. A full-service trip to the salon

Pampering is always a great gift. Especially for moms who work too hard. Bring her to a nice salon like Makati’s Salon Beauvoir and watch her leave with a big smile on her face.

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6. An iPad Mini

Perfect for the tech-savvy mom, this iPad will fit perfectly in her purse and in her hand.

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5. A new TV

This gift is best for the telenovela-watching and the movie buff mom. And to complete her viewing experience, get it with a sound system.

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4. Jewelry

You know what they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If you can’t afford diamonds, you can choose from many other beautiful precious gems out there and give your mom something she’ll keep close to her forever.

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3. New pillows

To make up for all those sleepless nights you gave her.

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2. Flowers and chocolates

With these, you can make momma feel special even if you’re far away.

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1. A letter

The older we get, the less we express our feelings to our moms. What better way to touch her heart than to tell her how thankful you are for her in a long, heartfelt letter? Cheesy, but it could be just what she needs.

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