‘Tis the season we hide our mane from the rain. But you don’t have to succumb to bad hair days until our country’s wet season is over. Heed these hair tips from beauty gurus and hairstylists.

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8. Don’t put too much styling product on your hair.

Gretta Monahan of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style said that most people think hair products like mousse, wax, and styling cream tame the hair when they actually make the frizz worse in humid and rainy weather.

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7. Invest in a good conditioner, especially if you have curly hair.

Whether you like the leave-on or wash-off kind, pick a deep moisturizing formula to protect your hair from Mother Nature. According to naturallycurly.com, rain penetrates dry hair faster, resulting in a frizzy ‘do.

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6. Girls, go for ponytails, braids or a sleek bun.

A stylish hairstyle can conceal an unruly mane. If you’re annoyed at those baby hairs that stand up or frizz, tame them with a small amount of hair serum or a stylish headband.

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5. If you’re not the type to tie your hair up, wear it loose with the help of hair serum or hair oil.

Apply heat-protective spray before you blow-dry or iron. It prevents your hair from becoming too dry.

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4. Don’t leave the house with wet hair

A.K.A. the I-just-got-out-of-the-shower look, especially when it’s raining or you’ll increase the chances of snow (a.k.a. dandruff) and frizz. And if you do end up with flakes, beware that most anti-dandruff products contain harsh chemicals. “Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent dry, itchy, flaky, and irritated scalp,” says Jude Hipolito, creative director of Juro Salon Exclusif.

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3. Your hair’s best armor during the rainy season is a combination of anti-frizz product and treatment.

“For longer anti-frizz effects, opt for professional hair treatments such as keratin treatments and hair relaxing, which will make everyday hairstyling easier,” Jude says.

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2. Girls with short hair should keep a stash of bobby pins to help hold unruly layers in place.

“A precision, wash-and-wear haircut from a professional hair cutter is less prone to bad hair days during the rainy season,” shares Rose Velasco, technical director of Juro Salon Exclusif.

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1. Keep a good quality umbrella

(…the type that doesn’t easily retract in the opposite direction) to avoid drenching your hair in rainfall.

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