ooks and magazines often, even outrightly, tell you what to do to improve your life. But if you think hard enough, you’ll realize that a lot of things and events can teach you a lesson or two about life. Sometimes Hollywood films, sometimes a boring date, and sometimes a food expo. So what was there to learn from the Asia Food Expo this year? Here are 8 things:


It all starts with a big idea. When the event started out during the early ’90s, the concept of a food expo would have been a crazy pitch. But the organizers dared to pursue the venture. Being the pioneer of food expos, they featured products and technologies used by the industry during that time. The success it has garnered throughout the years and the influx of competitors can only prove the value of their dream. A risk they took that has truly paid off.

Think Big-8V


There are a lot opportunities in store for you. If you’re planning to explore a different direction in your career, the expo may be just the place for you. You can get inspiration and ideas from the variety of opportunities they feature. You can be a business owner through franchising or manufacturing, you can be a chef, a barista, even a food writer. Just have an open mind and the courage to explore the possibilities.

It’s not yet too late to change your path in life-7V


The competition in the food industry has grown fiercer each year. That’s why companies never fail to participate in these types of events, being just a booth away from their competition. But they learn to co-exist. They pull off their best effort to make their booth stand out, but that’s about it. The event becomes more of a celebration of the growing food industry in the country and less of a rivalry between brands.

You must learn to co-exist with your competitors-6V


Thanks to the huge venue (World Trade Center), when you get inside the event, you’re in for a big surprise. There’s a huge bus just parked in the middle of the hall. But it’s not your ordinary bus; it’s a bus full of pizza (Shakey’s, to be exact). Life never runs out of those big and small surprises that make the experience colorful and adds excitement to the journey.

Sometimes, life hits you with a bus of pizza-5V


Every year, the expo has been witness to the changes of the food industry and the taste of the local scene. From the siopao, siomai craze of the early 2000s, to milk tea, buko shake and organic coffee, they’ve featured them all at the expo. They remain evolving through the times. They say it is necessary to adapt to the changes. Instead of shying away from it, use it to your advantage.

You must embrace change-4V


The guests and attendees of the expo do not only include restaurateurs. Students, families, foodies and other walk-in visitors are also welcome in the event. The programs they prepared aim to engage this diverse set of attendees. According to the organizers, although they have a specific market in mind, it is important to consider all types of people and how they will enjoy the experience. And their hard work paid off, gathering thousands of visitors even on the first day of the expo.

You must learn to deal with all types of people-3V


The expo has been the launch pad of numerous brands that started out as small businesses in the market. Brands like Master Siomai, have grown bigger during the years of participating in the event. So the success of the expo does not end on a single success. It is necessary to help others get bigger and be better as well.

You should help others grow with you-2V


Being successful today does not assure a successful tomorrow, more so, next year. That’s why you have to keep your ideas fresh and up to date with the changing times. This is one of the reasons the food expo has survived for more than two decades in an ever-evolving industry.

You have to keep improving-8V

Samantha Anne Sales

Samantha is the co-founder of Dreamlist, a site for those who believe that work and passion should always go together...or else.

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