“Tales From The Friend Zone” author extraordinaire Ramon Bautista, who also penned the 2012 National Bookstore bestseller “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo,” lets us all know what love is.

Here he shares with 8 guidelines on love as we approach February 14.

Love is defined everyday. Make every day count to make yourself happy just by seeing or making another one happy, too. Naks!

Define true love.

Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay hindi cheesy, sweet, at huma-happy ending katulad ng mga nasa sine. Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay masakit at mapait.”—Ramon Bautista, Tales From the Friend Zone


Friendship, goodwill, and material things.


The companionship, the friendship, and the free massage.


Because if you don’t love yourself first, you’ll end up with someone you don’t really love.


Yes, in boxing. But in love, no. ‘Pag hindi mabait sa’yo hindi mo rin naman mamahalin, eh. Sasabihin mahal natin mga nanay natin kasi mabait sila sa ‘tin. If you both value giving more than receiving, they will even out.


Well, I’m always the lover. Di ko pa nafi-feel maging lovee. Give chance to others! Okay lang maligawan naman.


There’s more to life than getting heartbroken. What is lost can be found.

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Ramon Bautista

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