Each working day is a struggle for a girl who works for a company that does not implement a strict dress code. Of course, I’d like to look my best everyday but keep in mind that will be at the workplace so I cannot just simply dress very casually. So aside from being in the mood to dress up at work, here are other reasons why I do:

8. Unexpected Meetings

You never know who’ll drop by the office and ask to meet with you – might be your biggest client yet or even a foreign boss. You might be assigned to go to a business meeting on the spot to seal an important deal. In these unexpected meetings, you are not only representing yourself, you are also representing the company. It’s better to always be ready.

7. Image Builder

You don’t want to be known as the sloppy dresser inside the office, right? If you want to leave a physical signature inside your workplace, just make sure it’s a positive one.

6. Productivity Push

Dressing up will always make you feel good about yourself and feeling good about yourself can help contribute to your productivity at work. C’mon, the more you increase productivity at work, the more benefits you’ll gain.

5. Confidence Booster

If you dress up for work, you will feel more comfortable when facing people. I don’t know with you but I feel more work-kind-of-confident when I’m wearing a pencil skirt than wearing baggy jeans.

4. After-Work Invites

What if a boss or a friend or even your ultimate office crush invites the team to an impromptu night out? You can’t deny that you are stressed out from your day-to-day grind but it doesn’t mean you have to look that way.

3. First Impressions

The corporate world is a big world. You get to meet new faces almost every day. You don’t want to make a bad first impression to those new faces.

2. Good Influence

If you are known to be the “dresser” in the office, your colleagues will automatically think that when they have a meeting with you, they will have to look equally good too. Through this, you are not only dressing up for your own good but you are also influencing your officemates to bring out the best of themselves.

1. For Fun

Admit it. There’s this part (even a tiny bit) of us who just wants to play dress up.

Camille Solis

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