Every neighborhood needs its own little artisan coffee shop. The Fort has Kuppa. Manila has Craft Coffee Workshop and just last month, Magnum Opus Fine Coffees opened its doors in the southern suburbs of BF Homes. And boy, I tell you, after your first visit, it won’t be just the caffeine that will keep you addicted.

As of this writing, I’ve been to Magnum Opus twice since it opened in March (although I only found out about it in late April) so two visits in the span of a week counts for something. Here are 8 things worth noting about this place.

8. Artisan Coffee Exists in the South

I have nothing against the Starbucks or Coffee Beans of the world, but sometimes you want your espresso pulled in a more personal way. An artisan barista is like lady Justice, creating that balance between the art and science of brewing the perfect cup of coffee or pulling the perfect shot of espresso. But even before that, an artisan barista is first an artist, investing much of his personal time (and money) into building this quaint haven for coffee lovers. Really, you go there because you love good coffee.

People who live in the south are familiar with Magnum Opus’ location because they pass by this place every day. Yet, when you try to give directions, they’re almost clueless because the building is so integrated into southern suburbia. Magnum Opus Fine Coffees is located at the intersection of Aguirre Ave and Elizalde. Simply put, it’s right across Tarlac Rice.

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7. The Belgian Heartbreaker: the best ‘mocha’ I’ve tasted in a while

It was Lori Baltazar’s photo of the Belgian Heartbreaker that finally made me decant over. When I met Jonathan the proprietor + head barista, I insisted on his personal take of a café mocha which was essentially an amalgamation of ristretto (quickly pulled espresso shot so it’s not watery), cream and molten Belgian chocolate all served in a short martini glass. The sum is a creamy, frothy tug of war between the jolt of an espresso shot and dark chocolate. This feeling is what the great Greek poet Horace refers to in his poem to Murena, ‘The Golden Mean.’

6. It’s also an art gallery for budding artists

No plastic chairs or funny paintings here folks. All of the furniture is made of hand crafted or antique wood that can withstand the elements. And they’re for sale. The walls are lined with works from budding artists, and have become a mini art gallery of sorts to keep you entertained while you nurse your macchiato.

8 magnum opus photo (11)
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5. The menu is really just a guide. Jonathan can cook up (almost) anything.

Beside the glass menus that offer the regular (and recommended) fares, Jonathan has another sign up behind the counter that explicitly tells everyone that he can basically conjure up almost any type of coffee-based drink for you. All you need to do is describe it to him.

Enough of words! Let me show you.

4. Even the food is art
8 magnum opus photo (7)

8 magnum opus photo (4)

8 magnum opus photo (5)

8 magnum opus photo (2)

8 magnum opus photo (8)
3. They have a TARDIS Restroom. A TARDIS. Restroom

“They come for the bathroom and stay for the coffee.” – Satisfied Whovian

And no, unfortunately, it doesn’t get bigger when you step inside. But it does transport other things to another dimension!

2. It’s a little events place for the southern community

Brewing seminars, spoken word, and other community events are coming soon. If you’re looking for a venue to host your 30-45 pax crowd for a few hours, Jonathan is more than willing to accommodate.

8 magnum opus photo (6)
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1. The ‘Head Bean’ is a handful

A former IT guy who quit his job to follow his dreams, Jonathan Choi really knows his stuff. He is the proprietor slash main barista who will greet you every time you come in to enjoy a cup and a bit of conversation. You could actually call him a reverse bartender who can empathize with your stories and serve you an upper while he listens.

Jonathan says that his shop isn’t the typical coffee shop for the on-the-go morning people who order take out. His is more of the community crowd that meets up in the afternoons and evenings to, ironically, wind down.

Magnum Opus Fine Coffees is at 115 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque. You can call/text them here 63939 920 0701 and find them on Twitter and Instagram @magnumopusfc.

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