Jonalyn Viray, the Philippines’ “Soul Princess”, was the first ever Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion. She also received five gold medals and three plaques at the 2006 World Championships of Performing Arts.
A mainstay of GMA Network’s “Sunday All Stars”, she recently appeared in the film “Cattleya, An OFW Story.”
For someone who majored in voice at the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music, here are 8 songs you may not expect this classically trained singer to have in her iPod. (But it’s in there!)

“This is a Christian album with techno vibe which the young and young at heart can really relate to. I listen to it before and starting my day, charging it not jus physically but spiritually.”

“I once had to sing for a PAWS event so I had to look for a song for the pets. He he he…”

“Ha ha ha! I was once a fan of JB when he was just a little boy. The acoustic version is from his concert in 2012 – malalim na ang boses niya dito kaya na-appreciate ko, nakakakilig whenever I listen to it. Ha ha!”

A reminder for me not to please everybody and not allow them to run my life.

I just like its melody and the instrumentation.

“Super fan here; I love them and their songs!!!”

“I honestly like emo classic alternative songs from the 90’s band.”

“I have a playlist of this Indonesian singer, now an international recording artist. These are a few of may favorites. Even if I do not understand the lyrics (but tried googling them — he he he), I can feel the emotions of the songs. For me, Agnes is one great singer.”

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August Navarro

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