Most of us weren’t born with smooth, silky hair. Chances are, because you live in a humid, polluted city in a tropical country, your hair is dry, frizzy and dull. And you’ve probably been keeping it all up in a bun on the top of your head. But we all want gloriously gorgeous hair. Who doesn’t?
Recently, professional hair care specialist Davines launched their OI line at one of Manila’s top salons, Salon Beauvoir. We got to try the new line out, and we got to learn gorgeous hair secrets from Davines’ and Salon Beauvoir’s experts. We figured we’d share them with you:
It isn’t impossible to ask for clean, great-smelling and moisturized hair. We love the recently-launched Oi Absolute Beautifying Shampoo from Davines. The creamy formulation cleans, smells fantastic and it has roucou oil (an ingredient extracted from rose oil) and it leaves hair soft and really shiny.
Use the luxuriously moisturizing Oi Absolute Beautifying Conditioner but make sure you rinse off all the shampoo first and towel dry your hair before applying the product. For maximum effect, work the conditioner into your hair section by section, leave on to let the product get deep into your hair for two to three minutes, and then comb before you rinse it off thoroughly.
Never leave the house with wet, dripping hair. Leaving your hair wet will leave it more vulnerable to dirt and bacteria especially if you live in polluted Metro Manila. Dirt and bacteria are not only gross but they also weigh your hair down and make it limp and dull.
If you’re the blow-drying type, this is even more important. Use products like the Oi All-in-on Milk to protect your hair from heat damage and stress from brush tension. The roucou oil-enriched product also makes your hair soft, silky-smooth and tangle-free.
Humidity causes hair to frizz so it’s really something that we should expect to happen. But, there’s a way to tame the frizz. We love the Oi Oil. It has silicone oils that create a protective film on the structure of the hair. This film also has an intense anti-oxidant and an anti-free radical action so your hair won’t have to lose to pollution.
Don’t let your tips get rough and dull with split ends. Get a trim at least once every two months. Regular trips to the salon will keep your hair gorgeous from root to tips.
Give your hair depth and dimension, and make your face look bright and sunny with subtle highlights. Davines has a great selection of ammonia-free color. Go ask your stylist about it. Stat!
If you need oomph, you can’t go wrong with a blowout. You can give yourself a blowout but getting professional help is always better. We love Salon Beauvoir’s express blowdry (PHP350–you can get it done regularly if not everyday!), which will make your hair soft, lustrous, frizz-free, manageable and of course, really fabulous.
The Davines OI line and all featured products and services are available at Salon Beauvoir. For inquiries, call them at 478-7670, 904-5154 or 09166813722, or go check out them out at the upper ground floor of Somerset Olympia in Makati.


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