Even if you’ve mastered the art of traveling light, squeezing all your basic necessities and contingent items into one suitcase or backpack can be a taxing process, especially if you’re off to a long vacation. Thank goodness for travel specialty stores that aim to help you maximize luggage space and organize your items. And speaking of that, here are my top 8 favorite places to get travel gear:
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8. The Travel Club

The store name says it all. For the past two decades, they’ve earned the reputation of being the go-to shop for high-quality luggage and last-minute travel needs. They even sell novelty travel items such as colorful padlocks, cutesy luggage tags, and pocket-sized weighing scales.

Best for: Jetsetters and upscale travelers

Good finds: Top-of-the-line luggage brands such as Victorinox and Tumi

7. Bratpack

Bratpack is a haven for camping gear, stylish backpacks, and other accessories for the great outdoors. Here you’ll find the latest designs from Jansport, Eastpack, Sanuk, and other rugged brands we’ve grown to love.

Best for: Recreational and adventurous travelers

Good finds: Backpacks, sneakers, and gadget accessories

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The Japanese store that sells everything including kitchen sinks, Muji is a one-stop shop for household accessories and travel needs. Although a bit pricey for the average Filipino’s budget, the Martha Stewart in you will love the minimalist design of each product and how they’re artistically organized per shelf and section.

Best for: Artsy and OC travelers

Good finds: Refillable TSA-safe containers and sleep aids such as earplugs

5. Stoked, Inc.

If you’ve visited more than half of our 7,107 islands just for surfing and wakeboarding, this is the shop for you. Run by real surfers and beach babes, Stoked has amassed a cult following in the local realm of action sport lifestyle.

Best for: Surfers and wakeboarders

Good finds: Water sports gear and surfer apparel

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4. Aloha Boardsports Club

A specialty shop where you can get stylish beachwear and water sports gear, surfer dudes and chicks will find more than just the usual Roxy bikinis and boardshorts here.

Best for: Surfers, skaters, and beach bums

Good finds: Swimwear, rash guards, and water sports essentials

3. The North Face

This global brand has branches all over the Philippines where you can choose from their extensive supply of outdoor equipment. Looking for that perfect backpack for your Euro adventure? Planning to run and trek around Asia? TNS is your joint.

Best for: Athletes and backpackers

Good finds: Running apparel and camping gear

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2. Beabi

They sell utility bags of all sizes to help you organize your cosmetics and personal items. Although their selection isn’t as huge as Muji’s, Beabi is the cheaper alternative if you’re looking for refillable cosmetics containers and reusable mesh bags.

Best for: Moms and packrats

Good finds: Basic toiletry bags and travel sets

1. Department Stores

The likes of SM and Landmark are a hodgepodge of necessities, and you’re sure to find unsung brands that sell affordable cosmetics bags, beach items, and other travel needs. The only downside is that you have to browse through racks upon racks before finding what you really want.

Best for: Bargain hunters

Good finds: Suitcases, bags, travel accessories, and toiletries

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