ids, you don’t know it yet, but you have it easy. If you have doting parents, it must be awesome, living the life where high expectations aren’t really there for you yet, and every little thing you do is considered a masterpiece. You can stammer a hundred times while trying to recite “The Owl and the Pussycat,” but you will be met by thunderous applause by your mom and dad immediately after you finish.

Adults don’t have that luxury. They can’t just wing something and reasonably expect to be rewarded for it, unless they were pretend doing it for 20 years. Like an “OJT” or some balderdash like that. That’s why when we have adults who don’t even know what to do with their lives at 45, it both inspires us and depresses us that there are kids who are a fourth of their age who can…

8 ” Cover a Pop Song Into an Instant Classic–On The Piano 

Who: Greyson Chance

Age During Video: 12 years old

The Talent: At 12 years old, most of us didn’t even want to touch any instrument aside from a guitar. Sure, some of us were asked to take piano lessons, but Greyson’s cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi wasn’t just a karaoke version—he practically rearranged the song for himself! Since 2010, this internet sensation has gone on to become one of the most well-loved and acclaimed recording artists discovered on the internet since Justin Bieber.

Okay, wait. Maybe that wasn’t such a good comparison.

When He Gets Older, We Expect Him To: Hopefully not go on a meltdown like Bieber. One is enough.


Set and Break Records by Stacking Cups  7

Who: Rachel Nedrow, aka Speed Stacking Girl

Age During Video: 17 years old

The Talent: Sure, you might scoff at speed stacking, but this girl has got some skills, no doubt. Her hands are amazing tools of speed and precision, and she has a bunch of records to your name. How many of you guys reading this right now have even just one? Nope, didn’t think so.

When She Gets Older, We Expect Her To: Have a very, very happy boyfriend. Don’t ask us why.


Do Acrobatics Worth of a Spot in Cirque de Soleil 6

Who: Karina and Yura

Age During Video: 6 (Karina) and 7 (Yura) years old

The Talents: At 7 years old, the most acrobatic thing I have ever done was fall down the stairs. Meanwhile, these kids perform some of the most mind-boggling acrobatic routines you will ever see that doesn’t involve a trapeze, a flaming net, and Tony Zucco. Ukrainians. How do they do it?

When They Get Older, We Expect Them To: Create a new category for gymnastics in the Olypmpics.


Beatbox and Sing at the Drop of a Hat  5

Who: Arjohn Gilbert

Age During Video: 13 years old

The Talent: When we were kids, we were probably singing songs like “Somewhere Out There” or “If We Hold On Together.” But beatboxing? Bruno Mars? That’s something else!

This kid from Angeles wowed everyone when he displayed his amazing talent just because some guy waving a camera phone around asked him to. When we tend to ignore some amazing talents just busking at street corners in this hurly-burly world, Arjohn reminds us that it pays to pay attention.

When He Gets Older, We Expect Him To: Start his own record label, and maybe have some Fliptop wins under his belt.


Do Surgery  4

Who: Akrit Jaswal

Age During Video: 7 years old (!)

The Talent: He was 7 years old. And. He. Does. Medical. Surgery. What more do we need to say?

When He Gets Older, We Expect Him To: Be a really smug, smarmy guy. If you watch his interview with Oprah, he’s already well on his way.



Twirl the Baton Like a Whirling Dervish 3

Who: Mei Maruo

Age During Video: 12 years old

The Talent: You couldn’t be more coordinated than this if you were a couple trying to wear the same color of clothes on your first monthsary. Mei Maruo’s amazing skill at baton twirling is a jaw-dropping experience, and if you are reading this text without bothering to watch the video, then you are seriously missing out.

When She Gets Older, We Expect Her To: Be part of a Sentai team. Seems like a plan to me.


MMA Fighting 2

2 ” MMA Fighting ”

Who: Jevik Hummer

Age During Video: 9 years old

The Talent: Most of us reading this right now would probably get our backsides handed to us in a fight with this kid. He is just that good. If you listen to the announcer, they make it a point to mention Jevik has been training since he was ten months old, which means he has learned how to properly throw a punch before he could even learn to speak in coherent sentences.

When He Gets Older, We Expect Him To: Be a stuntman in action flicks. Somehow, once the novelty wears off, if he doesn’t get anywhere in the UFC, that’s really his best bet.


Wrestle a Match 1

Who: Haruka

Age During Video: 9 years old

The Talent: In this amazing match with the infamous Kenny Omega, Haruka shows that at the tender age of 9, she knows more about ring psychology, selling, and working a match than John Cena. She seems to have a more diverse moveset, too! It’s one thing to be good at real fighting, but for a kid to be this good at pretend fighting? Haruka is just that much better than Jevik Hummer.

She may or may not be the ghost girl who delivers chokeslams in videos that you can no longer find online, by the way.

When She Gets Older, We Expect Her To: Live a normal life and outgrow wrestling. Because seriously? For a fake sport, the injuries all these pro wrestlers get are all too real.

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