There’s a new video circulating the Internet that has gotten the Lola-loving-kid in all of us jumping and kicking. If you haven’t watched it yet, check this out. It’ll have you smiling, tearing and probably wanting a business with your wonderful Lola. Here are 8 scenes from the video that hit us right in the feels.

8. Baking with Lola


If working can be as fun as this – goodbye, former employer and hello, boss lola!

7. The Hand Twitch


You exert your 110% when it’s a family business, and sometimes it takes a toll on your health. You act like nothing’s wrong around your family, and you keep working anyway.

6. “Next time ha”


Reminders from the bosses are never condescending because everyone is, or treated like, family.

5. Business Struggles


Letdowns and failures hurt much more because you know your family members are counting on you.

4. Little Angel to the Rescue


When business is bad, family members make the best colleagues because they will give you no judgment, just the most supportive shoulders to lean on.

3. Closing Linda’s Angels


Sometimes it gets so bad that you have to take a break from doing your passion, and your family members feel the pain with you.

2. “Ako po ang bahala sayo lola!”


No matter how terrible it gets, your family will always have your back.

1. Sweetest Gift for the Sweetest Lola


Even if it takes some time, they will make sure to continue what your hard work and passion have started.

Got anymore favorite scenes from this video? Share your feels!

Anjel Elemos

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