So you like her. No, you love her. The problem is, she has no idea how you feel. It’s time to get your act together and make a move out of the elusive “friend zone.” What? you’re not even friends?! Fine, here are some tips, you silly, torpe, you.


The longer you procrastinate on it the chances of getting the “girl of your dreams” become slimmer. She MAY like you, but she might start thinking that you’re playing the field just because you haven’t had the courage to tell her about your true feelings. Time is of the essence!


Get to know each other. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you’re shy, tell he r. It’s endearing to meet a guy who’s not afraid to be honest. Keep it real because it shows that you’re secure about yourself. That comes with not talking out of your ass as well.


You’re just going to get “friend-zoned,” genius. Even worse, you’re setting yourself up for regret. Stop playing with her emotions. You’re extra sweet to her but you’re rooting for your bro. How messed up is that?


Women get immensely turned on by self-confidence. They hate it when a guy beats around the bush. Get over your fear of rejection and ask her nicely. I’m sure she won’t bite. Worst case is, she’ll politely decline, but that’s alright, boy. Your heart may be a little broken, but your dignity will still be intact once the dust has settled. Best case is, she’ll say yes to the dinner invite.


So she said no. We understand that it will hurt, but think of it this way: you can use every experience to hone and master your “da moves.” Practice makes perfect.


So she said yes. (High five!) Stay calm. DO. NOT. EVER reveal that you’ve been stalking her online (and off) for the longest time. Well, at least before she falls for you, which will come out as “cute,” by then.


Hey, no matter how some girls appear to be really tough and independent, they love their kilig moments and a way to win their hearts is by giving them romantic gifts—flowers, chocolates, small but thoughtful deeds (like bringing her coffee in the morning, or giving her a copy of that book she’s been wanting to read). It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture because if it comes from the heart, she’ll feel the genuineness behind it.


Most torpe guys have sharing their feelings through words as the biggest challenge when it comes to interacting with a girl they like. They’d say they’d rather show it through their actions to win a girl over. But the fact of the matter is words are just as important. So when the time comes when you finally have to spill your guts out to the object of your affection, take a deep breath, dig deep, and say the words while looking intently into her eyes. Some reminders: practicing your speech in front of the mirror helps, and when we say look intently, we mean psycho-dagger, manyak looks are completely unacceptable.

Now go get her, tiger!

Do you have other tips for torpe guys? Share in the Comments Section.


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