8. Taylor Swift is Having a Hard Time With Ed Sheeran’s Romance

It’s hard to believe, but supposedly Platonic friends Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are not exactly seeing eye to eye on Ed’s lovelife. Is there more to this than meets the eye?

7. Mayor Bistek Slaps a Suspected Drug Dealer

A lot of netizens are praising him over it. A select few think he went overboard. What do you think?

6. UP Celebrates First Fighting Maroon Win in 2 Years With Bonfire

A bonfire for a single win! We would make jokes about it, but we’re just as happy for them as they are, and rumor has it the Eraserheads were trying to make a reunion happen that night to mark the occasion.

5. VP Binay Calls Efforts to Extend PNoy’s Term “Selfish.”

Of course. He’s waiting for his turn!

4. RObin Williams:(1951-2014)

Comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his home last Monday. Ruled an apparent suicide by asphyxiation, it was said that he was depressed for a long time.

3. NASCAR Driver Hits and Kills Another Driver Walking On Track.

This is an unexpected tragedy that will definitely rock the NASCAR world. An investigation is underway regarding the circumstances of the incident.

2. Woman Stoned to Death for Adultery in Syria

Looks like gender equality is still far from universal.

1. Dingdong Dantes Proposes to Marian Rivera

Who didn’t see this coming? We’re very happy for the two, but after the unexpected conclusion to the Beyonce and Jay-Z relationship, we don’t want to hold our breath for true love anymore.


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