This week is all about things flying out of proportion, whether they be cars, trains, or tempers.

8. Jollibee Menu Items Return.

Finally. #ChickenSad no more!

7. Ceasefire Extended for 24 Hours in Gaza.

For a huge military offensive that affects a lot of us indirectly, there’s minimal coverage of this in Philippine news.

6. 8 Celebrities Who Betrayed the Products They’re Endorsing

“Walang Iwanan.” Really?

5. Lawmakers Pushing for Softdrink Tax

Some lawmakers want to charge additional taxes to curb obesity and diabetes in the Philippines.

4. Ebola Center in Liberia Destroyed by Mob.

This is why we can’t have nice things. The mob was in complete denial and believed there was no Ebola in their area.

3. Another Outbreak of Violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

The issue of police violence has escalated hostility in America. Racism? Police brutality? However which way you look at it, it has to stop.

2. Philippine Transportation in Shambles.

The MRT goes off-track, and a car falls out of a Greenhills parking lot.

1. Ramon Bautista: Persona Non Grata in Davao

Is this an overreaction or not?


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