ou’d think this week would be relatively quiet thanks to the Holy Week, but it wasn’t. Here are the TL;DRs of the stuff you’re bound to hear about at the water coolers…

8. Mommy Dionisia explains the “hex finger” during Pacquiao-Bradley 2

She claims that she wasn’t hexing anyone, but praying for Manny. One has to wonder how God feels about someone praying to him “Patumbahin mo na si Timothy!” over and over again.

7. Guy reportedly commits suicide after meeting online girlfriend

A Filipino male reportedly jumped off from the sixth level of a Lipa mall on April 22. According to a witness who overheard his conversation with the woman he was with, he was outraged by how his online girlfriend of six years looks like in real life.

PS This is clearly a hoax.

6. Kris Aquino dons new hairstyle, makes headlines

We already know that everything Kris Aquino does in her life makes the headlines but this week she cuts more or less a foot of hair to symbolize “life change.”

Days after the haircut and around a week after the news of her relationship with Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista came out, she claimed that they aren’t a couple but are “best of friends.”

5. The unconfirmed rumor of the child penitent during Holy Week

So is this true?

4. New York Police launches #MyNYPD social media campaign, predictably backfires

How could it possibly have gone wrong to encourage people to tweet their pictures with policemen? Let this serve as a lesson that if you try to make a hashtag catch on, expect that it just might turn around and bite you.

3. No US Visa Policy for Pinoys a hoax

A recent viral article from a fake news site spread quite a nasty hoax that the US will lift Visa restrictions on the Philippines to enter their country. We repeat: this is a hoax.

2. Napoles wants to turn state witness

With her back against the wall, and with Gigi Reyes back in town, Janet Napoles had a 5-hour “tell-all” session with Justice Secretary de Lima as she tries to turn state witness. She directly implicated Senators Enrile, Revilla, and Estrada, who will immediately be suspended upon the formal filing of plunder charges.

1. NBI fails to arrest Cedric Lee

Officers/Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) went to Cedric Lee’s West Greenhills home on Monday night to enforce the arrest warrant issued over the weekend. Sadly, they weren’t able to find Lee.


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