If you haven’t seen yours yet, Facebook sent each one of us a video of our time with them. Complete with senti music!
Coke premiered their new commercial and sparked controversy as some Americans went into a hatefest because they claim “America the Beautiful” should not be sung in any other language except English. Check out their hate here.
Meanwhile, those who celebrate diversity and inclusion can check out “Sa ibabaw ng mga prutas” at 0:16 seconds, a translation of the original lyrics’ “Above the fruited plains”

Here is the full song in Tagalog

Ms. Johansson’s TV commercial had to be edited and dubbed over for its airing during the Super Bowl because the original version had her dissing two very well known and established soda brands.

Thanks to the internet, we can view the uncensored version right here:

If you’re Pinoy aged between 18 to 30, you can now stay or study in New Zealand for up to 12 months. This is where the “Lord of the Rings” movies were shot, y’all. Happy hobbit h

News went around that a teenager in Chicago killed his brother over a Flappy Bird game. Once again, the Interverse has been fooled! The news item was totally fake.

It’s making this starfish population rip itself apart. Literally.

Well, we really don’t hope so but it looks a little like it is.

The 7107 International Music Festival, with just a few weeks away from its scheduled dates, has been drowning in controversy since its arrival into public consciousness. The latest of which is the Department of Tourism’s clarification that while their logos are on the music fest’s promotional materials, they are not in any way involved in its production.


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