This past week was, to coin an expression, a truckload of excitement. Here’s what happened so far as we deal with hump day!

Last weekend, some models allegedly disturbed the Festival Queen and made her take their photo. Is it true? Is it false? Either way, it’s still the most stunning person in the area taking the picture when she should have been in it.

Don’t look now, but the “green green grass of home” doesn’t ring quite true for this particular field.

Coy Caballes, one of the pioneers of Philippine vlogging and Social Media Manager for Globe Telecom, passed away last January 16. He was 28 years of age. Several people from the 8List have known him personally and miss him terribly.

Despite the president’s immunity from suit, the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) filed plunder charges against the president yesterday, declaring their evidence to be strong indicators of his guilt in relation to the Malampaya funds.

It remains to be seen how her woes with the BIR will play out, but don’t you just wish singing permits were also required of every karaoke party in the Philippines? Nonetheless, Rose Fostanes can now legally perform as a singer in Israel.

Apparently, it isn’t only the Philippine government that’s guilty of kneejerk reactions to pervasive problems.

Don’t look now, but a Filipina Nurse abroad has taken pictures of herself with what appears to be patients who have passed away. She is also a self-proclaimed Satanist. This display ended up with her getting fined, and she is now the latest target for the internet’s moral outrage, unless you cared more about…

More tears than truth were shed that day. Benhur Luy was called “Boy Pirma,” Mar Roxas was called “Boy Pickup,” and not a single care was given by the jaded public.


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