Here are this week’s hottest news. (Please click on the headlines for the news reports.)

8. MRT Chief Resigns Amid Bribery Allegations


The president can defend Mr. Vitangcol all he wants, but when you realize that the MRT situation is not getting alleviated anytime soon, this was bound to happen sooner than later.


7. Simon Cowell Defends One Direction After Weed Smoking Video

The video is still making the rounds and has started a moral panic in the Philippines, as moves to have their 2015 concert in Manila canceled are underway.


6. Hunger Games Salute Banned by Thai Military.

The salute has been used as silent protest by Thai citizens amid mounting tensions due to martial law.


5. 50 Cent Explains Why He Had a Lousy Pitch.

And the explanation is something we wish we didn’t have to hear.


4. Circumcision Linked to Lower Prostate Cancer Rates.

The evidence isn’t conclusive yet, but it can only be good news for a circumcision-crazy country like ours.


3. Marriage Talks for Richard Gutierrez in the Horizon?

After admitting on their new show, “It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez” that he’s a dad, is Richard Gutierrez now looking to tie the knot with Sarah Lahbati?


2. Bishop Bacani Urges Budget Secretary to Resign

It’s funny how officials in this country just hold onto their seat of power until the bitter end, while other governments have seen many high-ranking officials resign with little dramatics.


1. PNoy Asserts That Heavy Traffic Is a Sign of a Booming Economy

Unfortunately for the beleaguered president, the statistics don’t bear out his claims. After all, heavy traffic indicates nothing about the economy except how much the productivity is killed by it.



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