The local handmade scene is overflowing with ears and arms and necks of goodies. And thanks to technology (and Mark Zuckerberg), getting the stuff you make with love out there just takes a few clicks. If you love accessories, you better check these stores out.


Among many other colorful baubles, JunkshopAbubot makes cuffs out of intricate bead embroideries that they sometimes braid with plastic bags. Please click here to go to their Facebook page.


Some crafters work with things they call “junk” but this particular one makes interesting pieces with pop tabs, keyboard pieces and color pencils. Click here to see more of Raqsified on Facebook page. 


Junk Studio Crafts makes pendants of all sorts on pretty but unusual materials like cross stitch patches, stamped clay and thread-wrapped metal. Find them here.


Simone’s Closet, on the other hand, uses strips of fabric to make multi-colored, cascading necklaces that go from dainty to avant garde. Click here for more.


Istorya Creations makes delicate custom-made, hand-stamped jewelry from metals that are cut, wrought, hammered and sanded all by hand. Click here to see more of their work on Facebook.


Soul Flower makes a wide variety of bohemian-inspired drool-lery. From beads to thread and cord to leather. They make high-quality bags, too! Check them out on Facebook.


See labor of love in beautiful, beautiful colors at Nikita. The designer incorporates materials like metals, beads and crystals with delicate crochet. Find the shop here.


Anja Guggenheim mixes contemporary style with protection. She uses resin to create what she calls “self-defense jewelry.” Check them out here.


What are you favorite local accessory shops? Let’s talk about them in the Comments Section.


Jozza Alegre Palaganas

Jozza has two life pegs: Martha Stewart and Jonah Peretti. She dreams of one day owning a juicer and the Internet. In the meantime, she's 8List's managing editor.

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