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uperheroines have come a long way, and it's actually a good thing to know that slowly but surely, the only thing that sets superheroines apart from superheroes would be their gender, but what they can do, how powerful or resourceful they are, and how well-defined their characters are no longer becomes glaringly different. Unfortunately, when it comes to choice of costumes, there seems to be a glaring disparity.

And true, it's hard to mess with the classics, but DC did that already with their New 52, so this isn't anything that hasn't been treaded on before.

With March being Women's Month, what if we re-imagined costumes for superheroines that emphasize function over form? Thankfully, artist Artist Michael Lee Lunsford did exactly that.

[buffer id="bar"]8. SUPERGIRL[/buffer]

Supergirl looks much better when she doesn't look like she forgot her pants.


[buffer id="bar"]7. POWERGIRL[/buffer]

True, Powergirl was all about the boob window back in the day. Thanks to her New 52 reboot, though, this second take seems to stay truer to her classic look than that redesign.

[buffer id="bar"]6. WONDER WOMAN[/buffer]

Did you know that all that armor shaped like it fits the female form is actually a bad idea? It's not like people are naked underneath those armors, so all that chafing? Not very fun. This costume redesign is very functional for a warrior princess.

[buffer id="bar"]5. BLACK CANARY[/buffer]

Leave the fishnets to Zatanna. She's at least a stage magician.


[buffer id="bar"]4. ZATANNA[/buffer]

Then again, Zatanna wearing a traditional magician's suit works just fine, too.

[buffer id="bar"]3. ELEKTRA[/buffer]

Hey. You know how a ninja stays inconspicuous? By not being next to naked. This version of Elektra understands that.

[buffer id="bar"]2. PSYLOCKE[/buffer]

Psylocke's also a ninja, and it's good that she took some notes from Elektra for this one.

[buffer id="bar"]1. VAMPIRELLA[/buffer]

Vampirella has always been notorious for skimpy clothing, but it's not like that's the defining feature of vampires now, is it?


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