Imagine the highest levels of kontrabida katarayan from movies and teleseryes (Pinoy or otherwise). Now, doesn’t Harry Osborn give off the same vibe in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?


Oh where would the fun be in watching teleseryes and movies if we didn’t have these catty, bitchy, campy, needy, tremulous, screechy women and men who make life difficult for our heroes?

Here are 8 pieces of evidence that Harry Osborn fits the bill. Good job, Dane De Haan! Spoilers ahead.


Peering at the hero, the contrabida appears at the top of a staircase! Classic! Very Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard.” If he had a turban on, the scene would explode from pure camp.


Well, we don’t know for sure if he still does this, but Peter reveals that Harry used to.


Or is he?


Oh my.


He can barely hide his giddiness! Why must the contrabidas always fall for heroes they can’t have? Sigh.


We all heard his thought balloon, “Ikaw si Gwen Stacy?!” Imagine an Amor Powers (Eula Valdez) or a Lavinia (Cherie Gil) in this scene, pursed lips, nostrils slightly flaring, one eyebrow raised, eyes ablaze. In any case, why does he even know what she looks like? Has he already investigated his enemy?


If this were a teleserye, this is the scene where the audience goes “Kacheapan!”


Enraged at Peter for not giving up blood, Harry takes his girlfriend. Wutttt?!

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