This year is definitely Andi Eigenmann’s year. She is currently starring in the highly rated soap opera “Galema: Ang Anak ni Zuma,” has had two movies come out, with three others in the works and multiple endorsements. We see her regularly promoting her upcoming movie “When the Love is Gone” (in theaters November 27, 2013). We can’t help but notice that in spite of such a hectic schedule, Andi is looking better than ever. We asked Andi to list her top 8 makeup products that keep her looking fresh every single day. andi e make up photo 8

8. Mac Studio fix

Enhances Andi’s already flawless skin through sheer coverage

You rarely see Andi retouching on set or when she goes out. She applies Mac studio fix once and lets her glowing skin do the rest. andi e make up photo 7

7. Benetint

Gives Andi that oh so rosy cheeked appearance

When you ask Andi’s fans what the first thing they notice when they see Andi, they immediately go to her rosy cheeks. Andi has such pale skin that her cheeks have an innate blush in them. Benetint enhances Andi’s rosy glow and keeps her cheeks flushed even if she isn’t blushing. andi e make up photo 6

6. Fling by Mac

Getting the perfect color for Andi’s eyebrows

Eyebrow makeup is nearly as important as eye makeup. Sometimes more so, as imperfect eyebrows can destroy a beautifully made up face. Fling by Mac is perfect for enhancing Andi’s eyebrows, making her eyes stand out (as she uses very little or no eye makeup). The color is just light enough to perfectly compliment Andi’s skintone. andi e make up photo 5

5. Girlboy Brow set

Shapes those already perfect colored brows

The Girlboy brow set is the perfect companion for Fling by Mac for Andi. After having filled in her eyebrows, Girlboy finishes her brows by shaping them perfectly. Andi teaches us how important it is to groom your eyebrows for that camera-ready flawless look. andi e make up photo 4

4. Shu Uemura curlash

Accentuating Andi’s dopey eyes

A lot of people have fallen in love with the soft sympathetic eyes of Andi. Aside from her rosy cheeks, one cannot simply get enough of her dreamy look and Shu Uemura curlash definitely opens her eyes for everyone to see. Andi has no need for eyeliners or heavy eye makeup. Just a touch of curls in her lashes leaves her eyes sparkling. andi e make up photo 3

3. Maybelline Mascara

Lengthening those already curled lashes

Ask any professional makeup artist and they will tell you that the perfect partner to the curlash is impeccable mascara. Andi agrees, mascara keeps her lashes curled in place, giving more highlight to her eyes for the rest of the day. Just make sure to choose the waterproof ones—you wouldn’t want a runny mascara to ruin your fresh look. andi e make up photo 2


No need for lipstick, lipliner is the “in” thing for Andi

Most people like to rely on lipsticks to add color or to emphasize their lips. Andi has no need for lipstick. She has naturally pink lips and just a hint of lipliner enhances its shape and color. andi e make up photo 1

1. EOS lip balm

The supple lips completes Andi’s everyday fresh look

Andi makes sure that her lips are hydrated enough to give them that supple look. Constant application of lip balm not only keeps her lips healthy, but completes her always camera ready fresh appeal. What kind of products do you use to look fresh and stay that way for the rest of the day? Let us know in the Comments Section.

Yna Santonil

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