hen you grow up on the likes of Voltes V and Ghostfighter, you can’t help but notice some weird things about anime that we just seem to take for granted. While Western comics and animation might have the Superman conundrum where nobody recognize a guy just because he put on some glasses, there are some idiosyncracies in our favorite anime that never fail to catch our attention.

Failing that, the following 8 are simply a bunch of silly questions we really would like to ask about Japanese anime…

You can almost imagine Zandra singing to herself, “Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo, hanggang dito na lang ako, nangangarap na mapasayo…”


Have they ever considered taking a break for a month or two and just attacking with 8 monster robots all at the same time?


She doesn’t wear a mask, she looks almost naked when she’s transforming, how does she even hide?!?


What is it with this stupid sense of honor when Ryoga is clearly exploiting being Akane’s pig?


Have they considered what would actually happen if they succeeded?!?


It’s not like Pegasus wasn’t already cheating anyways.


Mmmm. Kinilaw na Pikachu.


Did they not have any Japanese friends at all?!?

Janus Dosequis Harvey

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