Schools used to ban gadgets from the classroom, as distractions that disrupt learning. Nowadays however, educational institutions are aware of the interactive and effective learning experiences made possible through popular gadgets like the iPhone. Here are 8 apps that teachers can use by themselves or with students, as a great supplement to traditional teaching methods.

8. Edmodo

Think of this app, which is part of a comprehensive online service of the same name, as Facebook for teachers and students. To start, both teachers and Students sign up for their own Edmodo accounts. Once everything’s set up, teachers can distribute lessons, homework, and even quizzes to entire classes. Students on the other hand can submit assignments and answers, as well as discuss lessons directly with a teacher no matter where they are.

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7. TeacherKit

Teachers, why do your admin work on paper when you can store and retrieve everything on your phone or tablet? TeacherKit will let you assign grades, take note of student behavior, and even create seating plans. It’s all based on a classroom door interface that lets you manage different classes. Another plus: TeacherKit lets you export your data in a variety of ways, when you have to share information with everyone else.

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6. Too Noisy Pro

Too Noisy Pro is pretty simple: it uses the iPhone’s built-in microphone to monitor the classroom noise and emits an alarm if things get too loud. This might actually cause more disruption for smart-aleck high school students, but for masunurin cuties in pre-school and grade school it should get the job done.

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5. Classroom Ideas to Go!

Wondering what topics to teach next, or what games to run to hold your students’ attention? Fire up this app on your iPhone for suggestions. You can filter the suggestions by subject matter and grade level.

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4. Sushi Monster

Running this app in class isn’t recommended, because it’s a game. A game that teaches its players math, but a game nonetheless. Students have to get their basic math right if they want to feed the Sushi Monster and progress. Feel free to suggest this game as homework, and offer a prize to the student with the highest score.

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3. iTunes U

iTunes U features the world’s largest catalog of free educational information. Browse through more than 600,000 lectures, videos, books, and other kinds of content from leading educational institutions including Ivy League schools. Download your favorite content, from a variety of topics ranging from basic biology to even iPhone app development, onto your phone for later reference. Teachers can use iTunes U to expand their knowledge for their classes’ sakes, while students can learn more about the topics they interest them.

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2. Frog Dissection

This app is a bit expensive (at least compared to the other apps here), but it lets high school students experience frog dissection without cutting open that poor, live frog. Students can even explore the different organs in virtual 3D, and get a better understanding of basic anatomy.

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1. SparkNotes

Teachers, here’s one app you should recommend to students intimidated by Shakespeare and other classic works of literature featuring relatively obscure language. SparkNotes is a catalog of study guides that will help readers understand even the most archaic prose.

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