Outside, people are rushing into malls, enjoying their “holiday” beverages, buying shank bones of ham, getting ready for the birth of baby Jesus.

You’re irritated, unsure, possibly almost lifeless. You either hate everyone, or think everyone is against you. You were not feeling this way last month. Then you realize–holy hell!–Christmas is only 14 days away.

Here are 8 ways to stop yourself from the annual sadfest known as the holiday blues, aka Oplan Bawal Malungkot Ngayong Pasko.

8. Planning on listening to sad music? Make it good sad music.

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If you’re going to stay in your room and listen to sad bastard music, make sure that it’s at least the good kind of sad bastard music.

Song suggestions: No offense to Mr Sam Smith and his rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” but try and stick with those that have stood the test of many lonely ages—Joni Mitchell’s “River” (or James Taylor’s version). Or, if you want it loud, try Blink 182’s “Happy Holidays, You Bastard,” a song that talks about your grandfather eating seven f*ucking hotdogs on Christmas time.

If these don’t work, well, you can always turn to this thing they call Yacht Rock, simply because it is a genre that has been described as ”the kind of smooth, mellow music that early yuppies likely enjoyed while sipping champagne and snorting cocaine on their yachts.” I mean, if Toto does not put a smile on that lonely face, I don’t know what will.

7. Quality books for quality vibes.

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Same goes with books. If you’re the type who chooses the written word in times like these, make sure that you read quality literature.

Suggestion: “The Catcher in the Rye,” which could be heartbreaking and an absolute beauty at the same time.

6. Watch some of this year’s best TV shows.

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Sometimes, all you need to get through all the drama is drama. Re-watch some of this year’s best shows; shows that you will have a hard time not to binge-watch.

Suggestion: “Breaking Bad,” one of the best shows ever produced by American television. A masterpiece by writer/producer/director Vince Gilligan, this is one of the reasons why we’re in the Golden Age of TV. It ended its beautiful run (Best Finale in TV History Ever, guys) last September, but there will soon be a spinoff called “Better Call Saul,” which will most likely be just as awesome.

5 Make lists.

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Upset about something? Make a list of why you’re feeling the way you do. Hate someone’s face? Write down possible reasons what’s wrong with said face. It’s been said that making lists does not only make a person organized. It also has health benefits–reduces anxiety and stress, even improving digestion.

4. Listen to poetry.

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If you do not have your own poetry books, and all you find on the internet are lame, try watching slam poetry, where the writers recite and perform their original work.

Suggestions: Buddy Wakefield for those whose hearts have been broken, Anis Mojgani for those who want to be reminded of how to live, Sarah Kay for those who want to hear a comforting voice that will make anyone smile.

3. Stay inside.

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Only go outside if you really, really need to. One of the reasons why people lose it during the holidays is the busyness happening out there, which is basically every zen person’s worst nightmare.

Do yourself a favor and stay inside the house. Make sure, however, that you will have stay-in plans (consider the 7 other items on this list) so you don’t drive yourself crazy.

2 Get yourself a pet.

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Having a pet is a sure-fire way to improve your life. You should definitely consider getting a furry pal if you’ve given up on people. To quote brilliant “Parks and Recreation” character April Ludgate: “Animals should be awarded for not being people.”

Suggestions:  A hamster, a pot-bellied pig, a hedgehog, and—oh my god—this ginormous dog.

1 Eat.

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You will be receiving food. Lots of it. There’s only one wise thing to do, really—EAT THEM. Eat them all. Don’t think about the calories, just think of how amazing that ice cream/cake/bar of chocolate will feel in your mouth, because sometimes, to quote Sarah Kay, there is no heartbreak that chocolate cannot fix.

Suggestions: this, this, and this.

Have some advice on how to make the holidays better? Share them in the Comments Section below!

Aubrey David

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