ust recently, Oscar-nominee Jonah Hill dropped the F-Bomb which resulted into a tirade of “heartfelt” apologies; repeatedly televised, tweeted and shared all over the world. Never mind the fact this may be the work of a powerful PR team behind the Wolf of Wall Street star, the message it sends is loud and clear: thou shall not insult the LGBT community.
And as the country claims to have made great strides in accepting and respecting our own gay community, the fact of the matter is, we haven’t. While openly, powerful gays like Vice Ganda and Danton Remoto are applauded for their “bravery” and for “being true to themselves,” the Filipino term, bakla, is still widely considered as an insult; it’s the term children use when teasing the new kid who’s not into basketball, or the word adults mutter under their breaths when describing a person they don’t particularly like. Being bakla is not a way of life, it’s not who you’re supposed to be. In this country, being bakla is still a curse.
And while we still have long way to go, every once in a while, we stumble upon rare and inspiring pieces like the B/PROUD campaign which helps us believe that change is indeed, happening.
The campaign which celebrates LGBT Pride month, captures the intensity of the connection that collective experience provides: the powerful intimacy of sharing a secret and the happiness that comes with being true to who you are.
Read on to find our 8 favorite quotes from the series that makes us truly proud.

Michi Ancheta

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