We went about asking theater, television and film actors their ideal and worst Valentine experiences. They didn’t think it would be that hard to answer.



Ideal: “A homemade meal, candle light dinner and a marvin gaye song. I’d go for traditional; A bottle of wine or two caps the date.”

Worst: “So far never had a worst date. been dating the only one girl for the past 15yrs….”


Ideal: “Ang gusto ko lang, makasama siya kahit isang buong araw kahit saan pa yan – ang makatabi sya, mahawakan ang kanyang kamay, makasabay sya sa pagkain, makasandig sa kanyang balikat, marinig ang boses nyang sumasambit ng mga korning joke habang sinisisid ng kanyang mga mata ang aking kaluluwa. yung makasama ko sya kahit sandali na hindi namin kelangan magsalita pero alam namin ang pangarap ng bawat isa, at kung wala man kaming karapatang angkinin ang mga ito, alam din naming patuloy pa rin namin itong pangangahasan para sa isa’t isa. ?”

Worst: Not applicable


Ideal: “My ideal date is a home-cooked candlelight meal and a walk in the streets of London afterwards.”

Worst: “A very cold valentine’s day was experienced. There was fighting and a not-so-special treatment. I don’t even remember a greeting.


Ideal: “Ideal Valentine’s day date for me when I was younger was dinner at a very expensive restaurant, and a bouquet of Roses. Now, maybe roses, the beach, sunset roses, watch a movie or just Roses.”

Worst: “Meron kang ini-expect tapos at the last minute you’ll find out wala ka naman pala dapat hintayin… Parang you wasted time and effort”


Ideal: “Something different from the typical sit down dinner or movie! Maybe go to the amusement park, have a picnic or an out of town trip.”

Worst: “Me and my boyfriend then didn’t do anything for Valentines and then we broke up the next day, so I guess that’s not so romantic. But we didn’t break because we didn’t do anything but it was bound to happen. Sakto lang it was right after Valentine’s day.”

Yna Santonil

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