There is nothing quite like Filipino humor. We are known to make the best out of the worst situations and keep smiling despite the disappointments (ie EDSA traffic, overpriced toilets, number coding exemptions). One thing that truly showcases Pinoy wit is our love of wordplay.
The candidates of Miss World Philippines were released just a few days ago and people have been talking about the upcoming Miss World 2014 pageant in December. In true Pinoy fashion, memes started surfacing, and they are nothing short of dazzling. Read on, the wait for December just got a little more bearable and a whole lot funnier.
P.S. Best read in pageant announcer voice.

8. Counting Lessons

7. Modes of Transportation

6. Morning Rush

5. The Special People in Our Lives

4. When You’re Just not Hungary… I mean Hungry

3. For When You’re Running Late

2. The True Winners

1. Shopping Malls

Photos from Ed Ryan Eder Official and Dave Andrew Musni’s Facebook pages.
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