As we savor the last few days of 2013, lets us take a look at the trends that took over the fashion and beauty scene. Is it time to retire these looks or should they cross over to 2014?
8. Flower wreaths.

They used to be purely wedding and runway accessories, but thanks to a number of fashionistas, celebrities and music festival-goers who decided to wear full crowns of faux flowers to the streets, this craze became as common as the hippie headband and topknots.

7. Wedge sneakers.

Those high-top chunky sneaks with a hidden wedge heel debuted in 2012, but it reached greater heights (pun intended) this year when we started spotting them in knock-off bazaars. But the fashion world is torn—some call the wedge sneaker a wardrobe must-have, while others think it’s a footwear atrocity.

6. The high waist.

We used to call them mommy pants and other phrases to describe the unfashionable, but now high-waisted jeans—and shorts and skirts—have become staples in every fashion blogger’s closet. Gone are the days when it was cool to just let it hang below your bellybutton.

5. Sideboob tops.

Fashion peek-a-boo used to be about cleavages, backless dresses and sexy cutouts. But the likes of Miley Cyrus took this game of show and tell to a-whole-nother level when the paparazzi themselves blushed at the sight of loose sleeveless tops flaunting a braless pair of bosoms.

4. Ombré.

The two-toned craze was everywhere—clothes, hair, nails, and lips. Like a coloring book for grownups, this trend made women go gaga over shading and combining the brightest colors in the box. Just when we thought that ombré was a mere summer fling, it crossed over to the next season with darker color combos.

3. ’90s.

We’ve always looked to the past for fashion inspiration, but when punk hair, sunflower prints, overalls, plaid and grunge fashion took over the streets, you know exactly which decade 2013 was madly in love with.

2. Braids.

This dated hairdo began making its way back into modern society years ago, but 2013 marked its official comeback. If tween girls at the Capitol wanted to look like Katniss Everdeen and popstars Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez can take it from music videos to red carpet events, then braids are definitely part of the cool crowd.

1. The bare midriff

Magazines dubbed it as this year’s erogenous zone of choice. Unlike its ’90s predecessor (hello, Britney!), the modern bare midriff calls for just a sliver of exposed skin above the belly button. Make sure you have a toned midsection like Gwyneth Paltrow and you balance your sexy midriff top with a high-waisted bottom that falls below the knees.

What do you think about these looks? What are your favorites? Did we miss anything? Hit us up in the Comments Section.

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