The beauty queen must exemplify feminine perfection (especially in visual and physical characteristics) and balance serving as an inspiration and seemingly perpetuating society’s unrealistic expectations of how women should look and act.

We enumerate what it actually takes to be a real beauty queen.

8. Graciously accept all adulation by expressing how competitors and colleagues also deserve the same accolades

7. Cultivates and maintains above average physical attractiveness; looks good in two-piece swimsuits without attracting criticism for over-slenderness or aggressive attraction-building methodologies

6. Incorporates pop culture references and general knowledge into witty verbal communications, to avoid creating the “beauty without brains” impression

5. Makes all kind of audiences feel good about themselves

4. Helps builds awareness for the efforts of United Nations organizations

3. Develops and strengthens the Zygomaticus major and other related facial muscles; maintains well-executed smiles regardless of situation

2. Formulates and implements new content strategies designed to express the “world peace” concept in new and exciting ways

1. Participate in local and international showbusiness intrigues after awarding proper, avoiding sensitive topics such as pregnancy, relationship loyalty, and overt assertion of women’s rights

PS.Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Binibining Pilipinas!


Bb Pilipinas-Universe: Mary Jean Lastimosa
Bb Pilipinas-Intercontinental: Kris Tiffany Janson
Bb Pilipinas-Supranational: Yvethe Marie Santiago
Bb Pilipinas-Tourism: Parul Shah
Bb Pilipinas-International: Mary Anne Guidotti
1st runner up: Laura Lehmann
2nd-runner up: Hannah Sison


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