We’ve all seen the hashtag on our favorite social networks. #boompanes has left the more affluent of the local internet a bit confused. What does it mean?
From our quick scan, it’s clear that #boompanes is meant to put the “button” on witty remarks or retorts. It’s the Filipino equivalent of “in your face!,” but used after textual or vocal communication that highlights your creativity or sense of humor.
Think of it as the hashtag version of “Oooohhhhh!!!!,” a Filipinized version of D-Generation X’s suck it gesture.
While not the best example, this tweet does illustrate what #boompanes is about:
So, with that in mind, what were these people on Twitter thinking?
Remember, #boompanes statements are supposed to leave your audiences in awe or laughter. Statements like the one above make people want to punch you in the face.
“Good morning” is defintely not a rhetorical bomb that will leave your victim speechless. Are we supposed to be awed that you know it’s not yet afternoon? Are we supposed to be awed that you don’t know how to spell “Philippines”?
So you’re willing to swallow your pride for the one you love? That’s so sweet of you. But why destroy the mood with an out-from-nowhere #boompanes? Are you trying to show your love and wit at the same time?
#boompanes just doesn’t work when you’re being Captain Obvious.
Can you imagine saying this to the object of your admiration in person? “Oh wow! Ang cute ng dimple mo! Chinito ka pa! BOOM PANES!” Heads will be scratched.
It’s probably better to call the police, and stop this wannabe arsonist before he can cause lots of trouble and property damage.
If one feels awkward before classes even start, maybe home-schooling should be considered?

Rico Mossesgeld

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