Last month Jeane Napoles became an internet celebrity, as the lavish lifestyle she flaunted made her the target of scorn and scrutiny. But she wasn’t the first Filipino whose fashion-based spending habits raised an eyebrow or two. Such a distinction belongs to Bryan Yambao (aka Bryanboy), who helped define the fashion blogging genre.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that Bryanboy’s lifestyle served as an inspiration for Jeane Napoles, when you consider that…

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They both love luxury fashion items

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Both are in the fashion industry

Bryanboy blogs about fashion. Jeane just graduated from a fashion merchandising course.

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Both like to take selfies with their branded fashion items


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Both have Hollywood celebrity friends

Bryanboy first had famous fashion designer friends (one of them even named a bag after him), and then well, Hollywood wasn’t too far behind. He’s been a judge on the recent cycles (seasons) of America’s Next Top Model.

Jeane, well, she likes going to movie premieres and awards nights. Ah, just hanging with the rich and famous, living like a bawss.

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Both rose to public consciousness via online exposure

Bryanboy was one of the first prominent fashion bloggers in the country while Jeane probably just forgot her Tumblr login details (since it hasn’t been hidden nor deleted yet) when all the hoopla about her mom blew up.

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Both have been linked to allegations of financial, uhm, sorcery

Both of them never really talk about the funding for their acquisitions. However, other people have. wrote about Bryanboy’s financial sorcery in two blog posts: here and here.
Numerous reports also came out about Jeane, like this one here.

Well, all we know is, based on their own blogs and news reports about them, Bryanboy and Jeane have stuff worth probably more than enough to pay for all the damage Maring and Habagat brought to Metro Manila.

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Both are reportedly to be currently in the USA (as far as we know)

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They kind of look alike

IKR? Actually, more than being just the peg for Jeane’s life… is it possible, just maybe, that they are actually one and the same person?!

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What do you think of these comparisons? Share in the Comments Section.

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