uying a new car is quite an investment here in the Philippines. Despite that there are thousands of dealerships throughout the country and a good number within Metro Manila, and countless more crazy drivers. So most buyers might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices—if they decide to expand their search beyond the popular brands.

Set your budget below a certain level however, and the options become limited. Only a few dealers sell new vehicles below half a million pesos, an amount that’s over a thousand times the daily minimum wage. If your access to funds or credit are limited, check out our list of brands selling cars for less than ₱500,000.


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
Benni 1.3L₱450,0001.35MTSOHC 16Inline 484 HP110 NmFWD3520165015505
Star II 1.3₱499,5001.35MTSOHC 16Inline 480 HP110 NmRWD3845158019007
Starlight Jr.₱395,0001.05MTSOHC 16Inline 453 HP106 NmRWD3395153519207
Chana ArChana Br

Chana Cr


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
QQ₱399,0000.84ATDOHC 12Inline 351 HP70 NmFWD3550150814915
Cherry QQ ACherry QQ B


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
LC 1.3 GB₱449,0001.35MTDOHC 16Inline 485 HP110 NmFWD3598163014655
LC 1.3 GL₱498,0001.35MTDOHC 16Inline 485 HP110 NmFWD3598163014655
Geely Ar

Geely Br


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
FStar 1.0 Hunda Deluxe₱489,0001.05MTSOHC 8Inline 461 HP85 NmRWD3836156618655
FStar 1.3 Tenda Practical₱489,0001.35MTSOHC 8Inline 482 HP102 NmRWD4100156618655
Haima 1 1.0 Comfort₱439,0001.05MTSOHC 8Inline 461 HP85 NmFWD3590154014865
Haima 1 1.0 Deluxe₱479,0001.05MTSOHC 8Inline 461 HP85 NmFWD3590154015185
Haima AHaima D


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
Eon 0.8 GL₱438,0000.85MTSOHC 12Inline 355 HP75 NmFWD3495155015005
Eon 0.8 GLS₱498,0000.85MTSOHC 12Inline 355 HP75 NmFWD3495155015005
i10 1.1 GL₱488,0001.15MTDOHC 16Inline 465 HP99 NmFWD3565159515405
Hyundai AHyundai B

Hyundai C


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
Mirage GLX (MT)₱498,0001.25MTDOHC 12Inline 377 HP100 NmFWD3710166514905
Mistubishi AMistubishi B


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
Alto Standard₱379,0000.85MTSOHC 12Inline 347 HP62 NmFWD3495149514555
Alto Deluxe₱408,0000.85MTSOHC 12Inline 347 HP62 NmFWD3495149514555
Alto K10₱439,0001.05MTDOHC 12Inline 368 HP90 NmFWD3495149514555
800 Standard₱388,0000.85MTSOHC 12Inline 347 HP62 NmFWD3395149014755
800 Deluxe₱388,0000.85MTSOHC 12Inline 347 HP62 NmFWD3395149014755
Celerio GA (MT)₱498,0001.05MTDOHC 12Inline 368 HP90 NmFWD3395149014755
Suzuki ArSuzuki Br


VehiclePriceEngineLength x Width x Height (mm)Sits
Picanto 1.0 EX (MT)₱545,0001.05MTDOHC 12Inline 368 HP94 NmFWD3595159514905
Kia AKia B


Wondering why I included the Kia Picanto, even though it retails at ₱545,000? It’s a personal favorite of mine, the spiritual successor to the Kia Pride. Besides, savvy car buyers with the right connections might be able to haggle the price below half-a-million.

Chinese Dominance

As you can see, the list is dominated by Chinese manufacturers. Yet we also see relatively more-established brands like Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Hyundai sneaking through with their budget offerings.

Any corrections, suggestions, violent reactions? Let us know in the comments below.


  • It is your responsibility to verify the information listed above before committing to any purchase.
  • All of the vehicles listed above run on gasoline.
  • The number after the price is the engine displacement.
  • The number before MT or AT represents the number of transmission gears.
  • MT = Manual Tranmission, AT = Automatic Transmission
  • Out of all the vehicles listed above, only the Chery QQ has automatic transmission.
  • The number after SOHC or DOHC represents the number of engine valves.
  • HP stands for horsepower, a measure of the engine’s power.
  • Nm is short for Newton Metres, a measurement of the engine’s torque.

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