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There were a bunch of high-profile celebrity break-ups last year and it’s always kind of sad to see people who (used to) love each other get torn apart.
Here’s to commemorating relationships we thought would last. (And just to provide a reminder that you are not alone at being alone on this insensitive holiday.)
We all wish that comedian Ai-Ai Delas Alas would find happiness in her life, especially since she has brought so much into ours.
When she got married to Jed Salang, many people thought that she had finally found her happily ever after, but it was short lived. The marriage ended after one month with Ai-Ai accusing Jed of physical abuse.
Paulo and LJ have a three-year-old son. This makes fans wish they were still together just for the sake of the kid. But times are more progressive now and LJ and Paulo should be supported wherever they find their happiness. Paulo seems to have found his in the arms of KC Concepcion, less than two months after the announcement of the break-up.
After two years, Jennylyn and Luis have decided to call it quits. Like most celebrity breakups, one can only assume what the cause of the separation is.
There have been rumors, however, linking Jennylyn to past lover Dennis Trillo. Jennylyn denies this, leaving fans in the dark as to what the real reason or reasons are. She has resolved to live a single life for the meantime, focusing on work, family and her five-year-old son.
Derek and Cristine have been rumored to be a couple ever since their movie “No Other Woman” with Anne Curtis came out. But Derek was still together then with Angelica Panganiban and Cristine with Rayver Cruz.
Several interviews associated Derek and Cristine together but both would answer cliché-esquely “Friends lang kami.” So when they announced that they were together in August 2013, several people probably exclaimed “Finally.” We’re not sure how these people reacted though when they announced their break up a month later.
These two are the perfect examples of men being made in God’s likeness. When they found each other and developed a love through the Twitterverse, it was like a match made in gorgeous heaven. But eventually, they decided to mutually break it off, not citing reasons (of course), which broke many of the fans’ hearts.
Many can’t help but notice that Angel and Phil announced their break – up almost at the same time as Jennylin and Luis, who coincidentally is Angel’s ex. So one wonders, maybe there’s something to it?
Last Valentine season, Billy posted the photo with Nikki Gil with the caption: “Everyday is Valentine’s with you.”
But Nikki Gil hinted in several interviews that the cause of the break up is a third party (which fans now believe to be Coleen Garcia). So does this mean that Billy enjoyed reliving everyday holidays with her more?
The best way to reveal to the public that your marriage is falling apart because your husband is having an affair is through social media. Take a page from Sunshine’s book as she tweeted Krista Miller and “re-gramed” photos of her with the caption “You messed with the WRONG person @iamkristamiller” and “The decency to return what is not yours and what you don’t DESERVE. @iamkristamiller.”
Claudine and Raymart started off controversially when Claudine was rumored to be philandering with Raymart when then boyfriend Rico Yan was found dead in a resort in Palawan. But it was more than philandering after all, since Raymart and Claudine ended up getting married, having kids and beating the crap out of people in airports together.
But all these happy moments must come to an end and now the two find themselves at in the middle of a bitter separation where both are accusing the other of being drug users. Claudine has also filed a motion for a permanent protection order against Raymart saying that she suffered years of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and economical abuse from her husband. So this, kids, is what happens after the love has gone on Valentine’s day.
How can couples maintain their relationships? Share your advice and tips in the Comments Section.

Yna Santonil

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