How does one go through a more-humid-than-preferable holiday season in style?

For gals, it’s bright red lip stick to light up your face. For guys it’s chap stick when the weather gives you dry, scaly lips.

Wear sky blue, baby blue and periwinkle when your face is tired with no sleep from holiday partying. Trust me, it will make you look alive. Works for both sexes, too!

Keep it citrus and soapy. Ditch the strong fragrances especially this humid holidays. Men like it as much as girls do. Always have a fresh bottle in your bag.

The Little Black dress for her and the Large Black Shirt for him for the non stop eating and drinking during Christmas time. Any spills wont show and can wash off easily.

Mints, spray, bubblegum, just make sure with all the hustle and bustle of shopping, corporate partying and exotic food that only come but once a year, your breath is close up nice. A Christmas romance will ensue for sure under the mistletoe!
A spot of espresso goes a long way. Best picker upper when the little sleep from too much partying wakes you up. Starbucks will be so happy!

When blood shot eyes appears, soothing meds will relieve you and get your ready for the next selfie!

Exile the stilettos, boots and platforms, the most fashionable footwear in style now are sneakers for ladies and gents. Choose the loudest colors of neon green or FUCHSIA from Nike. Your tred feet will want to dance the night away!

Larry Leviste

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