Pinoys sometimes chafe at the thought of tipping, given all the taxes and service charges that are levied upon us.

Nonetheless, it would be nice if we could remember the many “little” people who help make our lives a little more comfortable throughout the year. It is the season for giving, after all, and a little generosity and charity (and courtesy) can go a long way.

Budget constraints don’t have to hold you back from showing gratitude to others. Give in a capacity that you can afford and in a manner that is genuine and sincere.

If you know a little bit about the personal background/situation of the person you are tipping, you can adjust accordingly. Cash would be appreciated by our countrymen who earn minimum (or lower) wage. If your fitness trainer is an international superstar, you should be the one asking for a tip (just kidding!).

If your budget is tight this year, you don’t have to tip in cash. A useful gift or even a small token would be appreciated. Since we Pinoys love to eat and enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing our food with our loved ones, food items as gifts are always a safe option.

Here are 8 people you may need a little “gentle reminder” on to give a year-end gift to.
8. Your family’s caregivers

Your children’s or parents’ yayas or nurses and household staff.

7. Your personal caregivers

If you have been going to physical therapy or have a regular masseur/masseuse. If you have had to visit your doctor or dentist this past year frequently, it would be nice to show your appreciation.

6. The people who make you look good

Hair stylist or barber, shampooist, colorist, manicurist, pedicurist (and the receptionist). If your pet has a groomer, him/her, too.

5. The people who make you sweat

Your fitness coach or yoga instructor (and the receptionist).

4. The educators of your children

Teachers, the bus driver, the bus chaperone. Also, the school guidance counselor and doctor/nurse if they’ve assisted your child through a situation this past year. Please note that monetary gifts are not appropriate for educators and some schools will have a policy in place that may prohibit gift-giving to their employees. A small item or food might be better or a food item that the faculty and staff can share, like pizza or cake.

3. Your suking fix-it people

Your mechanic, plumber, carpenter, etc.

2. The people who keep your spaces (both office and residential) secure, clean and running

Manong/manang Security Guard, Kuya/Ate Maintenance and the Basurero Boys. If you live in a building or village that has an administrative staff (secretary, administrative superintendent, etc.), don’t forget them, too.

If you have water and laundry (and gas) delivered, them too.

1. The people who bring you your food on holidays

If you’re eating out or ordering food on a holiday, remember that the person who brings it to you is working and not with his or her family that day. Spread a little holiday cheer.

Who else do you feel should receive a year-end gift or bonus? Share in the Comments Section.

Robin Reyes

Robin Reyes believes that jazz hands and spirit fingers are the keys to success in life.

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