After a long week, kick back with a glass or two. Play some music and make your own cocktails!
8. Bloody Mary

Pinoys aren’t really a Bloody Mary-drinking bunch but the asim-anghang goodness of this tomato juice-based drink will give any person’s weekend a bit of a pleasant jolting.

PS Contrary to popular belief, a glass of Bloody Mary (or generally just more alcohol) does not cure a hangover. Wikipedia says it just numbs the pain and discomfort of it.

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7. Citron Lemongrass

Agave nectar will be hard to find but you can replace it with honey or some simple syrup. This citrus-based drink will be perfect for this sticky weather.

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6. Mango Collins

Mangoes in cocktails make creamy, sweet and tangy drinks. There should be more mango-flavored cocktails.

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5. Manly Mai Tai

Now the Mai Tai is typically associated with tipsy high-heeled clubbing women because of the way bars usually serve them (peachy in color, in a stemmed glass and with an umbrella perched on top) but this version deserves a second look from the male species. And it’ll probably get anyone drunk.

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4. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Make an even fancier Sangria with white wine, schnapps, ginger and cinnamon sticks.

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3. White Russian

Drink The Dude’s way and make this classic mix with just three ingredients‚ÄĒvodka, Kahlua and cream (or milk).

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2. Zombie Cocktail

We know it’s not Halloween yet but it’s crazy not to put this on this list. And don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it looks.

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1. Rainbow Jello Shots

The easiest way to get people drunk is to disguise your alcohol as rainbow-colored orange wedges. Be careful with these cute little things.

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