8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-headtitle The school year has come to an end, but this shouldn’t stop you from nourishing your kid’s deep-seated curiosity. Here are fun science and technology workshops to keep your kids savvy this summer break. 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-8 If you’re one of those parents who see video games in a negative light, this is a great opportunity for you to understand how video games actually enhance your child’s cognitive prowess. A resident scientist will be there to answer critical questions about the mental effects of playing games, and to explain the reason why people naturally love playing games. Your kids will also have the chance to build their own games in the “Make Your Own Game” segment of the event after a group of independent developers unveil their most recent creations. 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-7 Let your kids learn how to program their own R2-D2 at Enderun’s robotics program. Here, they will not only learn how to code, but also acquire basic mechanical engineering skills. Your kids will drool in excitement once you tell them about this! 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-6 Make your kids learn how to craft their own cartoons in the country’s prime locus for creativity and excellence! Your kid might be the next Walt Disney! Cool, huh? 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-5 Expand your kids’ creative tool set by letting them dabble on digital illustration. You’ll be surprised with the output that they can produce using computer-generated palettes. 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-4 Equip your kids with the basic tools of graphic design as early as now, and see their projects and presentations radically improve in the next school year. These sessions can also refine the visual taste of your children through expert guidance and exposure. 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-3 Let your child know how to draw meaning out of pictures by enrolling them in this thrilling workshop that integrates writing and technology into a creative curriculum. The program can also instill a sense of social responsibility in your child as early as now, as its final output will be a series of photos that capture relevant public issues. 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-2 Introduce the scientific method to your kids by immersing them in Mind Museum’s fun sleuth camp. Here, they will be taught how to logically solve problems and to analyze gathered information like a true detective. No kid will ever resist being Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, or Veronica Mars for a day! 8-Geekylicious-Workshops-To-Keep-Your-Kids-Sharp-This-Summer-photo-1 In cooperation with UP Information Technology Development Center, UP System Information Technology Foundation launches the 2014 Tech Boot Camp to expose the young generation to a cluster of IT programs for kids with a focus on robotics, programming, and digital arts. The summer camp will be comprised of computer theory and practical hands-on activities. It’s a pretty exciting workshop for the nerdy bunch.


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Czyka Tumaliuan juggles corporate hustle with freelance writing, custom catering and motherhood. She works as an eLearning specialist for multinational IT company Trend Micro.

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