Because really, what’s a great TV without a great couch?



Ouch! Though the patented 6-peg bricks of LEGO may look uncomfortable, the soft brick design may actually be therapeutic for your aching back.

Space Invaders Alien-7V

If you were born and raised a gamer, this has to be a mainstay in your man cave.

The Modular Tetris Couch-6V

There’s an ever-growing movement of space-saving modular furniture and a Tetris themed couch is perhaps the most logical way to package such a concept. Because of its very essence, the “blocks” can be moved around to fit your mood.

The Car Couch-5V

Continuously redefining the drive-in theatre

The Roman Coliseum-4V

Give them bread and the circus … and Breaking Bad.

Star Trek Captain’s Chair-3V

Engage! For turning your man cave into the ultimate bridge, this chair goes well with speakers that have the ambient hum of a star ship playing on loop.

The Coffin-2V

Because as they say, western television will be the death of us.

Transparent Couch-1V

For those with rather eccentric tastes, at the very least you’ll know if the couch needs to be repaired.

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