hat’s a craft beer, you ask? As opposed to commercial beers that are brewed in factories, craft beers are made in small, independent breweries using traditional brewing methods. These methods allow the brewers to experiment on flavors and composition.

We figured it would be fun for us Pinoys to celebrate Oktoberfest with a sampling of local and imported craft beers so here you go.



What it is: It’s Bogsbrew’s organic pale ale. Bogsbrew beers are brewed with muscovado sugar and nothing less than Negros’ spring waters.

Where it’s from: Bacolod

Where to get it: PenPen Restaurant in Cubao Expo, QC

Bogsbrew Classic-8V



What it is: This beer is not for the faint of heart. Stone calls it an aggressive beer, packed with depth and flavor that’s heaven for the serious beer connoisseur.

Where it’s from: California

Where to get it: Global Beer Exchange Bottle Shop

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale-7V



What it is: Rich and dark, the Black Bitch is GPoint’s version of a Scottish Stout/Porter Ale.

Where it’s from: Manila

Where to get it: GPoint Smorgasbord and Bar in Ermita, Manila

G Points Sweet Stout-6TV



What it is: Made from roasted barley and caramelized malt, this beer is sweeter than the average dark brew.

Where it’s from: California

Where to get it:  The Distillery Fort Bonifacio

Gordon Biersch Marzen-5V



What it is: Fat Pauly’s proudly uses imported brew grade malt (usually sourced from the US) with locally-sourced ingredients like water from the Timoga Spring and wild pukyutan honey. This lager is the brewery’s most potent blend.

Where it’s from: Iligan City

Where to get it: Barley Gastropub in Scout Esguerra, QC

Fat Pauly’s Lumad Strong Lager-4V



What it is: This ebony brew has the mellow flavor of oats, chocolate malt and real chocolate.

Where it’s from: Newport, Oregon

Where to get it: Draft at Greenbelt

Rogue Chocolate Stout-3V



What it is: Made from pure malt and Saaz hops to create that bittersweet aroma and buttery flavor of Czech beer.

Where it’s from: Makati

Where to get it: Bravo Best Foods in Makati

Pivo Praha Dark-2V



What it is: It’s an amber-colored beer that’s crisp and strong and fruity with a hint of spices.

Where it’s from: Quezon City

Where to get it: Ritual at The Colletive in Malugay, Makati

Katipunan Craft Ales Indio Pale Ale-1V


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