e’ve managed to pick our 8 winners for the Happy Barn Milkshake Factory Contest after much deliberation, and even taste-testing in some cases. Who knows? Maybe one or more of these proposed flavors would end up being available soon!

All the winners may claim their gift certificate from us by messaging us within the next two months, and we can get things started if you send us your email address via messaging our Facebook Page.

Also, you might notice, we don’t have an official name for avid readers of the 8List yet. Any suggestions? That just might be the next contest we would do!

8. Cassava (Gladys Flores)

How do you think this would taste? We’re every bit as curious as you are, and yes, we’re fans of good ol’ cassava, too.

8v Cassava


7v Guava

7. Guava (Arra Odeza)

Fruits and milk go well together, yet how often do you see guava as part of any shake, let alone a milkshake? It’s high time that mistake gets rectified!


6. Wasabi (Ralph Adversario) (Arra Odeza)

If only for the outlandish idea of having a spicy milkshake, we’d definitely be interested in how this would taste. Certainly, there’s a way to mix just a hint of wasabi to the drink to make for a unique milkshake that is sure to excite one’s taste buds.

6v Wasabi


5v Mango Mousse

5. Mango Mousse (Raine Musngi)

Everybody loves chocolate mousse, but what mango mousse offers as a milkshake flavour would be a delectable richness and the unmistakable sweetness of mango, which always, always goes down easy. Yum!


4. Pastillas Berry (Kaizer Pabriaga)

Sweet, and unmistakably in tune with our Pinoy tastes! Pastillas is always a favorite, but it gets much better when you can actually drink it, and throw in a mix of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and yes, boysenberries!

4v Pastillas Berry


3v Rhum & Raisins

3. Rhum and Raisins (Jaff Gabriel)

Make sure the kids don’t try this, but Rhum and Raisins is a flavor that we are willing to bet would be an absolute hit during the New Year celebrations. It’s like drinking a fruitcake, only better!


2. Taho (Reggie Grace)

Are you ready for everyone’s favourite breakfast drink to become a milkshake? We are! And please, please, please: be extra generous with the sago and the arnibal!

2v Taho


1v Nuts Over Avocado


One of our favourite Rushers is also an 8List Reader! The textures you’d have with nuts thrown into the fray is bound to make this milkshake treat very memorable. Walnuts, cashew, macadamia–pull out all the stops, and see how amazingly well it goes with avocado!


Congratulations, everyone, and thanks for joining this contest!


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