Denim, that hardworking cotton fabric and the classic pieces we have come to own and love are tweaked, acid washed and embellished to look hip and sexy this simmering summer.

Denim designs means democracy in fashion, all 8 styles are appropriate for 18- to 80-year-olds, available to the very rich. And for those of us on a budget, you can even DIY some of these stylish garments. Pull them out of your trusty ukay-ukay or head to the nearest mall and look for these scintillating looks ASAP.


A sexy indigo blue shift dress (could be worn as a tunic too with leggings cropped at the knee) has torn unfinished hemline.


Love the very fresh take on the positive-negative x-ray look of this cotton denim shirt with patch pockets. Wear this with a mini sarong.


Originally worn by house painters, fish vendors and carpenters, this masculine utilitarian garment can bring sexy back. Worn with a white tank and a silly hat. Unbuckle one side and you’ll look young and seductive.


The waist length ageless jean jacket is the canvas for your self-expression this season, put appliqués, badges (boy scouts have a plethora) and embroidery. Hand paint, bead work, burn holes, put lace or brooches. Go crazy making it a personal one-of-a-kind style statement.


It is now boss to wear it up front with side pockets, the better to display your worked waist and hips to hypnotize. Worn with a bra-top is the newest way to rock these trendy yet ageless Levi’s jeans.


Tight stove pipe jeans have to be totally re-configured to look new again. Use colorful patches, stickers, brooches, braid, tassels, buttons of every size. Just the front though, the back is left for comfort like sitting down without being poked.


Thighs the limit, make a rebellion sixties statement with the shorted skirt this summer. You will be cool and look so hot. I love the bold black zipper, so chic.



The universal way to extend the life and style of a pair of good fitted jeans is to cut off just below the crotch. Even better if your bum is beautiful. Now worn even at formal events, you may really wear this pair of shortest shorts day or night, in anyway you see fit. Dressed up or dressed down, like I said denim is so democratic.


What’s your summer denim style? Post them in the Comments Section. 

Larry Leviste

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