You don’t really know what goes in the makeup you buy so why not try making your own? We give you 8 DIY projects to get your hands on.
8. Lip Balm

Who knew that the lip care product you’re so addicted to can be so easy to make? You can make an entire batch to give away on Christmas. It’s inexpensive to make, too. Find out how here and here.

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8. Lotion

This is especially awesome for people who have combination skin because you can finally customize your lotion to your skin’s combo of needs. Get all-natural recipes here and here. You can check out wellness stores at the mall for some of the ingredients.

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6. Shaving Cream

Stop using soap and water to shave your legs. Use this skin moisturizing, easy to make recipe.

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5. Loose Powder

Powder makeup might be a little more tricky but if you want an all-natural loose powder head to your favorite health store for some of the ingredients and go on ahead with this recipe.

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4. Toner

There are many known ways to make natural toners. Choose what’s best for you from the recipes here.

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3. Make-Up Remover

Remove all that makeup with a natural remover. Find the recipe here. (PS You can find witch hazel in Healthy Options.)

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2. Cheek and Lip Stain

Applying cheek and lip stain is the fuss-free, sneaky way to get that naturally flushed look. Learn how to make your own (using beets and olive oil!) with this recipe.

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1. Mascara

Yes girls, it’s possible! Get the recipe and how-to here.

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