o be in your early 20s is about being young and free. It’s all about walking around with the badge of adulthood, while still having the zest and hunger of youth. It’s fun, exciting, and could possibly be one of the best times of your life. Though there may be days filled with fear and confusion, these promising years shall lay your groundwork for self-discovery, making the whole crazy transition to growing up all worth it.

Read on for the good and the not so bad things you’ll (probably) experience during these years.


Graduating from college couldn’t be even more liberating, especially when you just spent a whole year toiling on your thesis. That hovering black cloud of finishing on time is finally gone. But a new kind of pressure has taken its place. You now face the question, “now what?” The most natural thing to do, and as what’s expected by your parents, is to land a job. But job hunting in the Philippines is a real test of one’s will, ability, and even luck. It might take you months or even years to finally bag the job that you truly want. Heck, you might not be even sure if you want to work right away or not! Whatever it is, just try not to breakdown from all the confusion. At least your folks haven’t kicked you out of the house, right?

As Neil Gaiman puts it, “make glorious and fantastic mistakes.” So don’t beat yourself up, young bloods. It’s only through making a handful of mistakes that we learn how to get things right.

So you finally got a job, only to realize that it’s not the kind of work that you wanted to do. If you really feel that you could do something better, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving. Your early 20s is the best time to figure out what your true passion is. Never stop until you find that job that makes you proud of what you’re doing.
But take your time before you decide to go. It wouldn’t so bad to stay on your job for a while. Just think of it as further skills accumulation and network building. If it really doesn’t work, then go ahead and continue your pursuit.

Finding love at this point in your life, when you feel that you could take anything, makes it all beautiful, real, and crazy. Though having someone by your side could make life a little less hard, it would still be better (and smart) to take things one day at a time. You don’t need to rush the relationship just because you feel that you’re old enough to make life-changing decisions. In the words of the ever chill crowd, “kalma lang.”

Not everyone who finds love in their early 20s gets to have a happy ending. Failing to make the relationship work may be one of your lowest times. But heart-breaking as it is, don’t let this stop you from moving forward. There’s a reason for the break up after all. Try to assess your own shortcomings and treat them as life lessons that would help you become a better partner in the future.

The night will always be young for the restless. It may be a friend’s birthday, a monthly get-together, or just a well-deserved night out after a difficult work week. Nights like this are better spent with people who would never get tired of laughing with you, just as much as how they would never back down from chugging booze. Good times, good times, indeed.

You know that you’re already transitioning into adulthood when conversations with your friends have now evolved from your worst hangovers to future passion projects and desire to see the rest of the world. The people that you get to share this noticeable change with, are the people who deserve to be part of your life for a long time.

You may not be there yet, but as long as you keep your head up, you’ll eventually sail away from your problems of failure. It isn’t even about dodging whatever crisis that may come your way. What’s important is learning how to toughen up when facing any road blocks and using your failures to make a better version of yourself. Most of all, believe that YOU. WILL. MAKE. IT.

We promise! Now post your thoughts (and dilemmas) in the Comments Section.

Kata Garcia

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